First Blog

17 Mar

Hi, here it goes my first blog. Setting up the site wasn’t as hard as it first seemed. But then again I haven’t quite seen what this post will look like at the end … so there is still times to say ‘aaarrgghhh’. We’ll just see how this goes and work from there!

To start with, I took a look at other blog providers and some blogs set up by my fellow students. I chose wordpress becuase it just had a nice sound to it for an address. Afterall blogging involves words and publishing them online … so why not? Some fellow students, who obviously know their way around blogging have some fantastic sites … something I can aspire to.

So I suppose this will be the start of the many more blogs to come from me. As I learn to navigate my site, I am sure there will be many more changes to come.

Now lets see how this looks!


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