ETL 504 Mission and Vision Statements

18 May

Locate school and library vision and mission statements. Can you tell the difference between them? Is there a clear delineation?

Locating a school and library vision and mission statement was difficult. I finally came across a school vision statement and a library mission statement. The more I read the statements and compared them to the readings; I seemed to become more and more confused.

Neither one was prominent in official documents and reports and hence does not really promote the core business of the school. The school vision states, ‘A community building pathways to success’ however without a clear definitive mission statement this is rather broad and generic and leaves the vision statement open to interpretation. The library mission statement is more detailed, however the sentence structure is very long and wordy. It concludes with the following statement, ‘Additionally, it supports the school in generating responsible and confident students who create and shape their own learning environment’. This last sentence in the library mission statement can be considered as very broadly alluding to the schools vision statement.

Overall, I personally do not see the school and the library being linear in their statements. The Library places its emphasis on the school learning community; however it still appears somewhat disjointed when considering the school’s vision. It appears as though the library is somewhat a separate entity within the school environment and because of where it is situated, the assumption is made that both the school and library are working towards the core business of education.

I feel that I will be investigating this further in the very near future in order to ensure that future library and school mission and vision statements are more cohesive in nature.



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