ETL 401

Topic One
Share your experiences when searching the library database.

Well, who knew that Google searches only scratched the surface of the databases available? Please don’t all jump in at once because to be perfectly honest, I didn’t!

Taking a look at the Charles Sturt University Library Website was an eye opener. I always thought it was going to be difficult accessing the essential information to complete my studies at an appropriate level. Instead I found that it may be relatively easy to access but difficult to make the right choices.

I thought the online tutorials were great. I could easily follow the information given and actually see the screens I am supposed to see when I go into the search facility. It is great to have easy to follow, step by step instructions that you can refer back to once you start exploring the endless possibilities of searching the databases available.

Primo search looked vast and I can see how easily distracted you can become by just ‘taking a look at this and that’ which all looks very interesting. However, as it was suggested in the ETL 401 site, I seemed to have managed to go directly to online journals. Funny how that turns out when you’re not even trying!

I found the EBSCO host database tutorial extremely useful. It is just amazing how we can play with words, add an ‘and, or’ to widen or narrow the search or even ‘add a row’ to refine our search even further. I learnt about truncation and the ability to use this function to find resources relating to specific words. Example: Teach with an asterisk (Teach*) will locate resources relating to the words – teach, teacher, teaching etc. I found this a truly fascinating feature that will hopefully translate into a useful one.

The advanced search facility will be of great use during these times of ‘great’ study with the hope that it will definitely benefit my progress in this Graduate Certificate in Librarianship.


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